About Us

Squeezed Online is a privately owned business that locally serves Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. We pride ourselves on delighting our customers with the mission of improving our community. Our team of employees, brand ambassadors, and endorsers labor each day to meet this goal by creating and marketing pressed juice and juice cleanse products that we whole heartedly believe in. We utilize the widely agreed best juice extraction method. A Hydraulic press exerts an excess of 1000 pounds of pressure to literally "squeeze" the juice out of fruits and vegetables. This method of juice extraction is commonly known as cold pressing, and the return is referred to as cold pressed juice. The process is very delicate, and takes much more time and effort than other mainstream methods of juice extraction. As with many things in life, the best products are meticulously crafted to attain the best results. Our methods produce fruit and vegetable juice that retain more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than most other forms of juicing. So we hope you enjoy the great flavor of our pressed juice, the deep cleanse of our juice detox, and that your body enjoys the nourishment even more.


We are here to serve our customers with the goal of leaving our community in a better state than we found it. Squeezed understands the value of giving back in order for us to grow as one. We strive to return our time and financial donations back into the community. We are proud of our community involvement to date, and as we continue to grow, we are excited to be involved on a much grander scale.


Through hard work, we have been able to achieve growth and success . This was validated in a series of 2015-2016 nationally broadcasted Chase Bank commercials recognizing our growth. All in all, we keep our humble beginnings in mind. Beginnings paved by our founder who completed his education as a member of The Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University, learned “customers and community first” under the wings of Jim McIngvale at Gallery Furniture, and cherished the opportunities provided by our great nation after spending years living without them overseas. We understand that that success is relative, and we must continue to labor in hopes that they continue. We very much look forward to each day that we are afforded to serve each individual and our community as a whole.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate and look forward to your continued patronage.