Squeezed Rewards

0 Points
50 Points
100 Points
Rewards & Benefits Simple Squeezed
Sweeter Squeezed
Super Squeezed
Access to Special Sales
and Offers
Earn 5% Squeezed Cash
Back on Every Purchase*
Earn $10 Squeezed Cash for
Each Referral
Bonus 5% Squeezed Cash
Back on Every Purchase**
Free Delivery
How to Qualify Register an Account with us Earn 50 Points
Within the Past 12 Months*
Earn 100 Points
Within the Past 12 Months*

*Does not include delivery costs, based on purchase subtotal, $1 Squeezed Cash = 1 Point
**Total Squeezed Cash earned is 10% of purchase subtotal

Upgrade Your Squeezed Member Status*

  • Create an acount for free to become Simple Squeezed Status member.
  • $1 Squeezed Cash is equal to 1 point in upgrading your Squeezed Member Status.
  • Earn 50 points to upgrade to Sweeter Squeezed Member status.
  • Earn 100 points to upgrade to Super Squeezed Status.
  • Check and manage your current status by logging into your account.

*Your current member status is based on your past 12 month purchase history.


Squeezed Cash

  • Create an account
  • 5% Squeezed Cash back on every purchase for everyone
  • 10% Squeezed Cash Back for Sweeter and Super Squeezed account tiers
  • Easily track your Squeezed Cash by logging into your account
  • Squeezed Cash never expires!

*Calculated by using the subtotal after gift card, coupon codes, and/or Squeezed Cash applied.

Referral Bonus

Earn $10 Squeezed Cash for each customer referral. Referral must create a user account and list your registered email address. A $10 Squeezed Cash credit will be applied upon the first order placed by the referral.

Free Delivery

Once you reach Super Squeezed Status, your orders will be delivered for free!

Still have quesitons? Check out our Squeezed Rewards FAQ.