About Us

We supply the best juice cleanses to help you squeeze the most out of life. Nobody should have to live with low energy, lack of motivation, or low self-esteem. If you’re experiencing these or are just looking to elevate your overall health, a Squeezed juice cleanse provides a great solution. When you look and feel good, life is good. Loving the person in the mirror, coupled with elevated energy, leads to all around professional, social, personal success.


Life Happens. Maybe you have a newborn that requires attention around the clock. Is your dedication to opportunities at work demanding more and more of your time? Are you recovering from a recent injury or illness? Are recent changes disrupting your healthy routine? No matter what life throws at you, Squeezed is here to guide you to Success. How? Our juice cleanse floods your body with nutrients, flushes out toxins, breaks bad eating habits, resets your cravings, and restores the energy you need to take actions towards success. How can you be sure?

Proven - Our products and service have a near perfect 4.8 Google Rating. Thousands of testimonials are posted to social media.

Industry leading 24 unique recipes per cleanse* - We keep your taste buds jumping so you won’t get burned out on the same flavors over and over.

Convenience - Easy online ordering and same day delivery. Order by 1 p.m., delivered by 9 p.m. (locally)

Support - Our Squeezed Society private Facebook group have thousands available to keep you motivated.


We desire to help build and improve our community. Since we opened in 2012, we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and have given countless man hours. Recent contributions include $20,000 to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, $5000 to Kidd’s Kids, and $5,000 for Children’s Charity back pack drive. We have pledged to giving much more time and capital contributions as we continue to grow. As such, 5% of all order totals will be donated back into the communities that allow us to serve them. Our goal is to donate over 1 million dollars in 2019. The Squeezed Together program allows you to nominate individuals or institutions to receive the donations. Please take a moment to nominate a worthy cause now.



Our staff wholeheartedly believes in its products and service. We cleanse regularly to put ourselves in position to meet our daily goals and long term vision. We pass on our secret to success through our product and positively impact the lives of those we serve. As such, our efforts have been nationally recognized through a series of Chase Bank radio and television ads.

Your success is our mission. We are honored to be a part of and assist in the process.

Choose better, live better.