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You are your greatest project! Take a moment to objectively reflect on yourself, your masterpiece. In doing this you should find that you are a constant work in progress, the sum of your habits. As humans, we are naturally wired to continually build ourselves and strive towards growth. This society that we have developed over time teaches that to succeed we must set goals. This misconception often leads to an endless cycle of desire as many goal-oriented people fail to acknowledge that these goals are not the actual determining factor of success. It's so much deeper than that, it comes down to the road taken. What are you doing to achieve your goals? Will your actions today result in an ideal tomorrow? Keep reading if you need help answering these questions or building onto the masterpiece of you. Here are some tips to help you establish positive habits, build self-discipline and be the best version of yourself.  

 1.     Audit your habits. Record your daily habits, both the good and the bad. Use this simple activity as your looking glass - subjectively review each habit to determine if it contributes to your aspirations and determine what changes need to be made to assume the identity of your new goal.  Which habits contribute to your ideal future self? Which ones do not? Do you notice any triggers associated with the undesirable habits? Can you reassign those triggers to new, positive habits that contribute to your goal? For example, let's say part of your recipe for success is to be fitness focused and an early riser. Currently, when your alarm goes off you are triggered to hit the snooze button and remain in bed as long as possible. To reassign this trigger to a more desirable habit associated with your goal, you commit to the behavior of going to the gym immediately after your alarm sounds. Over time, with enough repetition, you will have trained your subconscious self to associate the alarm with going to the gym. 

 2.       Start small. Focus on repetition.  You know the saying; Rome wasn't built in a day. Start with one practical habit and build on it.  Slow progress is still progress, celebrate the small wins.  Practice your habit daily, improve on it at an achievable pace for you. Using the same example, you may find yourself more reluctant to commit to an hour of working out after your alarm goes off. However, it is likely to be more psychologically achievable to commit to just 5-10 minutes of working out the first handful of times. 5-10 minutes can fluidly turn into 15-20 minutes, before you know it you've tricked yourself into enjoying an hour in the gym every morning. The fitness habit is progressively attained while the habit of sleeping in is eliminated.  Remember, keep your focus on repetition and consistency. Give yourself time to progress.

 3.       Make it easy. Take measures to make your desired habits easy to accomplish. You should take the opposite approach to make undesirable habits difficult to mindlessly act upon. For instance, you can move your alarm to another room or away from your bed to make it difficult to sleep in once your alarm goes off. To reinforce the positive habit being introduced, you can sleep in your workout attire. When the alarm sounds, you're basically already up and ready for your workout as you must get out of bed to turn the alarm off.  Easy-breezy!

 4.       Keep yourself accountable. Commit to your desired habit every day. It's remarkably helpful to have a system in place to regularly review your habits and check-in with yourself. These accountability systems might consist of keeping a calendar, setting alarms, making plans with friends or, as we highly recommend, downloading a habit tracking app. Apps like "Productive," offer advanced reminders that can be set based on time or location as well as statistics that allow you to stay on track with motivating streaks of effectiveness.

 5.       Stack your habits. As you master each desired habit, add on to the associated trigger to stack habits and create a powerful routine that aligns with your intent. Sky is the limit!

Takeaway: With a little patience and a lot of self-discipline, you will always possess the blueprint for an exceptionally successful you.  


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My husband at the end of the 2nd day started to have gas cramps And then during the night leg cramps And his lower back. He wants to stop the program. What could be the cause of this!

Patricia 2021-01-29 07:41:52

I have tried everything over the years, diets, pills, exercise. nothing worked , I LOVE FOOD. i would find ways to cheat and find ways to justify it. my A1C was thru the roof , i lost my eyesight in my right eye and decided to try again. gained control of my sugar , started watching what i ate A1C came down a little . but i was in that threshold again. i decided to try the squeezed cleanse , talked to my dr he said " just watch your sugar " . everyone that knows me laughed said yeah ok . so I'm starting day 3 of a 7 day cleanse. absolutely unbelievable. first day i didn't eat anything , I'm thinking its new first day fluke, my sugar was high 100's in morning when i woke up , first morning the same. thru out the day my sugar was on a downhill slope just before each bottle it was steady in the 80's. each bottle i drank it went up to mid 100's and was right back to 80's within an hour or so. my sugar is now steady on day 3 , i have so much energy . no desire to snack or eat.

Ronnie 2021-02-02 07:43:13

tell him dont stop !!!!!!. of course consult with your dr but i had same thing yesterday . my 2nd day in . terrible headache im guessing from caffeine withdrawals, today not so much. i had cramps . the umm i gotta get to the bathroom cramps. my dr told me it would happen .the3 body i adjusting i guess .

Ronnie 2021-02-02 07:46:53

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