Being Healthy Is A Journey

Once I started juicing, It took me six months to lose the weight I gained during menopause. It wasn't a straight downhill process either. There were times when getting on the scale was a roller coaster ride.

I successfully completed a seven-day juice cleanse on my very first try. I was surprised that I wasn't hungry during that time. I missed chewing food, so I did eat celery which was very satisfying. Within a few days, I felt very peaceful and was able to sleep well which I hadn't done in a long time. I don't think I even weighed myself during that cleanse.

On the eighth day, I ate Chinese food, and a lot of it, which was not a good idea. However, I didn't feel guilty. Instead, I ordered another seven-day juice cleanse. I fell into a pattern of doing a juice  cleanse and taking few days off in between which lasted for several months. The juice cleanses gave me the nutrients my body needed to sustain clean energy. The more I juiced, the less I craved sugars and processed foods. I started shopping the perimeter of the grocery store. My body craved lean meats and vegetables. I would cook them in a wok with homemade ginger sauce that is very healthy. I could eat large portions and still lose weight.

Another key factor was exercise. I wasn't in the greatest shape to do anything strenuous when I started juicing. So, I incorporated short walks into my daily routine. It took me a while to be able to walk a mile. Over time, I slowly increased my distance until I was walking between six and ten miles a few times a week. Now, I look forward to hiking or walking just to enjoy nature and clear my head.

Being healthy is a journey, not a destination. I won't say that I eat completely healthy today, but I have learned to do things in moderation. I try to do at least one seven-day juice cleanse every month. It's no longer a challenge. Whether we do things that are good or bad for us, we make each decision based on the rewards or benefits we receive. I feel blessed that something resonated with me to try juice cleansing as not only a way to lose weight but to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. 

Kelly Cashen

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Thank you for sharing your story! I am 40 years old, mom of 2, very active, pre teen & teen aged boys! My husband is a football coach. Over the past year I gained a lot of weight, lost all desire to socialize or even work or hangout with my family doing things we have always loved. My body also went thru crazy hormonal changes and food aversions, and the night sweats turned into day sweats and CRAZY hot flashes . Went to my doctor and was diagnosed with peri-menopause. Your story SPOKE to me! I am so excited for my juice cleanse to arrive tomorrow and to get my life back!

Birgit Collins 2020-06-20 14:43:36

How long do you have to do a regular cleanse one day or seven days

Cynthia Ricci 2020-07-19 16:28:16

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