Best Post Cleanse Breakfast

Congratulations! You completed your juice cleanse, but what do you eat? You feel good, have energy and want your diet to stay on track and we have just the answer: a smoothie to start your day! Not only is it packed with raw fruits and vegetables, but it also has some of your favorite Squeezed Cashew Milk since you are most likely craving it after your cleanse.

These smoothies are delicious, packed with fiber and easy to make! Try a different flavor each day and do not be scared about the raw vegetables---with just the right of Cashew Milk and overripe banana you will only taste sweet deliciousness.

A smoothie is the perfect breakfast for the entire family. Simply double or triple the recipe, offer your kids 'ice cream' for breakfast and you will be the real MVP (Most Victorious Parent)!

A Chocolate Banana Smoothie is a great option for chocolate milk lovers. Your taste buds (and your children) will never know you are drinking fresh spinach and carrots but your body will, and it will thank you. The energy and success you had during your cleanse will continue.

What is your favorite post cleanse meal? Do you like to continue to have juice and cashew milk daily?

Emily Ojobaro

About the Author:

Emily is continuously on her Journey to improve, grow and be the best she can be for her husband and three daughters. She has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition and likes to share what she has experienced to helps others start their Journey to success. 


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Are the carrots in the recipe cooked or raw?

Deb 2021-06-28 05:40:34

This is my second time doing a 3 day squeeze. I am so tired and bloated and believe this will do the trick. I was happy to hear it was on sale by the KJ97 radio announcer. I tried putting in the code she gave me but do not think it worked to get free shipping. Either way, I still wanted the cleanse for 3 days.

Seneca Walker 2021-10-23 16:01:26

What if allergic to pineapple

Ivette Wynne 2021-10-25 04:26:28

How many bottles do you get for this cleanse?

Nikki 2022-03-14 15:48:30

How long do the unopened bottles of cashew milk last? Can they also be frozen, thawed and consumed within 6 months?

Iris B 2022-06-28 23:06:47

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