Juice For Dinner

How to Have Enjoyable Family Dinners

You have cut and chopped and measured and COOKED dinner, now you want to sit and enjoy a comfortable family meal. Then it starts:

'I need more rice.'

'Can I have more milk please, mommy?'

'Uh oh, mommy, I spilled.'

'I need to go potty.' 

'She's touching my chair. Will you move my plate?' etc etc etc

Everyone is taken care of, yet your meal is cold and barely eaten. Rather than be the last person at the table eating a cold meal, and contemplating whether family meals are worth it (which, lets face it, we know are important to children and parents), try having juice for dinner. 

All of a sudden getting up 15 times, to get this or that for your kids is not disrupting your meal. You will get to enjoy talking, holding, wiping and helping your kids will being able to drink your dinner. It gets even better! A juice bottle is one less dish to clean, and most likely, one of your children will throw it in the recycle bin for you. You will not be bloated and sluggish for bedtime, and YOUR sleep will be better. There is a big chance you will wake up craving more juice and your body will thank you. 

Juice for dinner will help you stay focused on your good eating habits after your cleanse and keep away unhealthy cravings. When your kids insist on a meal you really do not want to eat (AGAIN!), you will be happy and feel good drinking your juice. Have you had juice for dinner? Do you think it would help you reach your goals AND enjoy family dinner time?

Emily Ojobaro

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Emily is continuously on her Journey to improve, grow and be the best she can be for her husband and three daughters. She has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition and likes to share what she has experienced to helps others start their Journey to success. 


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