Juice Cleansing

What are the possible benefits of a juice cleanse?

  • Success - Boosts energy for the effort needed to climb to success. 
  • Self-Discipline - Conditions portion control and curbs cravings. 
  • Healthy Habits -  Breaks bad eating habits and builds healthy routines.
  • Calorie Reduction - For many, causes weight loss due to a caloric deficit.
  • Better Sleep - Caused from a healthier system leading to more energy.
  • Cleanse - Deep tissue cleanse and nourishment allowing for healthier hair and skin.        

Where can I go for additional support on my juice cleanse?

Please join the Squeezed Society Facebook group for sharing ideas, asking questions, getting answers, and gaining support from those who are currently on or have previously completed a Squeezed juice cleanse.

How long should I juice cleanse, and what should I expect?

Day 1 -  It is similar to the first time back in the gym after taking time off. One day should help get the body back on track. A one day cleanse is good for maintenance after reaching a desired goal. It is also a great way to sample the program.

Day 2 - For most, the second day is the toughest of the entire regimen as the body fights heightened withdrawal from normal eating habits. Two days of cleansing is also recommended for maintenance, or for first timers that are nervous about being able to complete three days or more.

Day 3 - The third day is when the body typically adjusts to the cleanse. A majority of the toxins and waste in the body have now been expelled. Each sip of juice sends a heightened burst of energy into the system. With a cleansed gut, the body feels rejuvenated, many sleep much better, and the body uses the saved energy from the lack of digestion towards other physical activity. This is generally considered to be the easiest day of the cleanse.

Day 4 - Completion of the fourth day starts to realize even greater benefits. Cleansing continues internally as well as penetrates deeper into the skin. Unhealthy eating habits, food addictions, and cravings are starting the process of being reversed.

5 days or more - Most are now fully in tune with their body. Not all has been cleansed in 4 days or less. Further benefits are realized with each added day, and it gives the best chance to retain them permanently.  Many that complete this regimen can truly say that they have accomplished a lifestyle change. Besides further physiological benefits, many now enjoy an elevated spiritual experience with advanced mental and emotional benefits.

Our RecommendationTake on the challenge, and go for 7 days. It gives the best results and probability to maintain the benefits post cleanse. You deserve the best, and the 7 day cleanse will yield the best results. Many routinely do a 7 day cleanse as their bodies become conditioned to easily complete it. If you find it to be tough, just keep in mind that your miracle is just around the corner. After you complete it once, it only gets easier from there. Be positive, disciplined, and mentally tough. When you have conditioned your system to complete a monthly 7 day cleanse, you will have achieved many successes beyond supreme health.

What is the difference in the Squeezed Cleanse and Super Squeezed Cleanse?
  • Squeezed Cleanse - The 2 snack bottles will contain a higher fruit content. Recommended for a beginner as it is much easier on the palette of those that are not accustomed to the taste of vegetable juice. 
  • Super Squeezed Cleanse - The 2 snack bottles will contain much higher vegetable content. Some of the included bottles are 100% vegetable juice. Contains less natural sugars due to the lowered fruit juice content. Recommended for those that regularly include vegetables and vegetable juice in their diet. 
  • Spicy Squeezed Cleanse and Spicy Super Squeezed Cleanse - Morning snack will be replaced with one Spicy Squeezed juice.   If you love spice, then this is hands down for you!
What about the Sugar?
The sugar is from natural cold pressed fruit juice.  It is a carbohydrate.   And especially on a cleanse, carbs are fuel for energy you need to succeed.   Sip it slowly vs chugging entire bottles at once so your blood sugar remains balanced.   If you prefer minimal sugar, the Super Squeezed Cleanse contains 2 bottles with less than 10 grams.
When do I drink the Cashew Milk?
As it has added substance and amino acids, The cashew milk is a perfect pick me up before or after a work out, a mood booster when you are feeling hungry, or as a sweet treat to curb the cravings.
Can I work out during a juice cleanse?

Many people do on a short juice fast of seven days or fewer. The saved energy from the absence of digestion can be redirected towards working out. However, listen to your body. Some people prefer to give their body a break from exercise or strenuous physical activities during the detoxification process.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

Weight loss is not guaranteed; however, many people do lose weight because of the low daily calorie count (approximately 1250 -1450 calories/day).

What about protein?

Protein is an important part of our body structure. How it is taken in the body is the important matter to focus on. Amino acids are what the body requires. Plants, fruits, and nuts have all the required amino acids to build protein that the body needs. Although it can be used as such, the body does not require protein to make protein. It requires amino acids to make protein. Furthermore, many people consume entirely too much protein. In doing so, the excess protein is stored in the body as fat or toxic waste. That is one major violation of a detoxification. Protein is also the most complex of all food elements, and is the hardest for the body to break down. When too much is consumed, the body expends much energy to break it down and digest it. That is another major violation of a detoxification, and it often leaves the body feeling sluggish. Think of some the strongest animals in the world: elephants, horses, buffalo, and gorillas. What do they eat? Vegetation, nuts, and fruit.

Will I be hungry on a juice cleanse?

Hunger should not be experienced on your cleanse thanks to the nutrition and substance provided by the juice and cashew milk. It’s important to sip each juice at the slightest bit of discomfort, but to not overwhelm your system by drinking the whole bottle at once. Don’t forget to stay busy and keep your mind occupied!  Still concerned? Feel free to add additional juice and cashew milks from our A la Carte menu.

Is it OK to have fresh fruit, black coffee, herbal tea, etc... while on the cleanse?

It depends on your goals. Among other benefits, if your mission is to break certain habits and cravings, then the answer is no. Know your mission and listen to your body. Please remember you are stronger than any challenge or craving.

What can I eat during a juice cleanse?

Listen to your body and eat only raw fruits and vegetables if it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, please remember that the main purpose of the detox process is to cleanse the system and give it a break from the digestive process.

Can I skip a juice, or drink them out of order?
Yes.   The juice cleanse is still effective no matter if you skip a juice or the order consumption
Do I have to finish every bottle of included juice to maximize the full benefits of the detoxification?

No. We provide plenty of juice for your nourishment, but if your body is telling you that you have had enough, please don't feel an obligation to consume it all.

How much water should I consume on a cleanse?

We recommend a gallon a day. Many people commonly mistake thirst for hunger. On a Juice fast, an unnecessary feeling of hunger can be very unpleasant. Also, many people will feel faint and get headaches when enough water is not consumed.

What order should the juice be consumed?

We have labeled the bottles in order that they should be consumed. Each day there will be 6 bottles. Drink bottles 1, 3, and 5 as you would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Drink bottles 2 and 4 as you would take in a snack in-between meals. Example:

  • 1 - Breakfast
  • 2 - Mid morning snack
  • 3 - Lunch
  • 4 - Mid afternoon snack
  • 5 - Dinner
  • Cashew Milk - During physical activity, otherwise, anytime during the day that you need a boost.
How long can I cleanse?

It varies from person to person. People with detoxing experience have been known to detox for several weeks, and even months. However, if you are new to it, you may just want to try 1-4 days. Then give yourself a break, and then try for a longer period next time. It is very important to listen to your body. Please also consult a physician for the proper amount of days to cleanse.

What should I do to prepare for a juice cleanse?
Based on your personal preference, we suggest one of the following:
  • Prepare yourself by eating only raw fruits and vegetables for 1-3 days in order to create a smoother transition to consuming all juice. OR  
  • Treat it like jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day - just jump right in. It may seem unpleasant at the beginning, but the body will adjust.
Can I freeze my juice?
Yes.   Freeze your juice upright in your freezer, and thaw and consume within 6 months.
What should I do after completing the cleanse?

To not regress and continue building on cleanse benefits, adopt a disciplined weekly plan.  The following has been successful:

  • 5 days a week - 3 juices, 1 cashew milk, and 1 traditional meal per day.
  • 2 days a week - Be free with no restrictions.  As weeks pass, you will notice your indulgences become healthier.
  • Raw fruits and veggies are allowed 7 days a week.
  • Exercise!   You are now more motivated. Channel that energy into cardiovascular and strength training activities that will keep your endorphins flowing, boost energy, and grow muscles.
  • Continue to drink plenty of water.
  • Portion control - Eat till you are satisfied.  Be cognizant of consuming more than you need.
  • Minimize alcohol and caffeine as they can create an imbalance in sleep patterns, cravings, and overall energy.
  • Plan for and ensure adequate sleep each night.  We cannot over-emphasize this.
How do I relieve a headache on a juice cleanse?
Caffeine withdrawals can lead to headaches.   It is helpful to exercise to get blood and endorphins flowing, drink plenty of water, sip on the cashew milk, or take a nap.
Can I take medication while juice cleansing?

Juicing is designed to rid your body of all unnatural substances including those found in medication. If you are scheduled or planning to take any medication, please consult with your physician.

When is a good time to do a juice cleanse?
  • Pick a time when you will not have to sacrifice major social behavior. For example, the week of Thanksgiving may not be the best choice.
  • Pick a time when you will remain busy. It has often been said that idle time is the devils workshop. The same thought process applies here. Sitting around thinking about eating solid foods is not ideal. Choose a busy week at work, or plan many activities that will keep your mind busy.
How often can I cleanse?

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly... There are no wrong answers. It is up to you, and what is best for your body.  Our ideal recommendation is a 7 day cleanse once a month.


Why Squeezed?
  • The Best Juice Cleanse
  • The Best Pricing
  • Free Same Day Delivery
  • Convenience - Door delivery availability 7 days a week.
  • Earn Squeezed Cash Back after creating an account.
  • No added sugar. No preservatives. Raw ingredients. Unpasteurized to retain nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.
  • Cold pressed and cold pressured to ensure safety while conserving the best taste, consistency, and nutrition.
How should the juice be stored?

It must be refrigerated at all times when not being consumed.

What is the shelf life of each bottle of juice?

Expiration dates for each juice are etched right above the front label.  However, we recommend consumption within 7 days of delivery.  We cold pressure to ensure food safety while conserving raw nutrients, minerals, and enzymes.  

What is the minimum order that can be placed?


How much are delivery costs?

$10 within our local delivery area. National order shipping costs will be calculated at check out. Click here to see a map of our local delivery area.

When do you deliver?

We deliver 7 days a week between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. in local areas. Nationally, deliveries are made via FedEx Tuesdays-Fridays by 8 p.m.  Local order same day delivery cut-off 1 p.m.

How will the juice be delivered?

Local orders are delivered in an insulated cooler bag by 9 p.m. The cooler bag will be left on your doorstep.  Non-local orders receive a cold insulated shipment via FedEx. Orders shipped via FedEx will be partially frozen to maintain appropriate temperature.

You can check your delivery zip code here to determine if you are a local delivery.

Can I pick up my order?

We are delivery only. 

Do you recycle?

We can pick up the insulated bags and ice packs on your next delivery. Please recycle the bottles at your local recycling center.

Squeezed Rewards

What is Squeezed Cash and how do I start earning?

Squeezed Cash is earned for referring others and can be used to pay for future purchases. Please refer to our Referral Rewards program for more information.  

Where can I see my Squeezed Cash status?

Sign into your account, click on the profile icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen, and a drop down menu will appear. Click on "Your Rewards" to view your Squeezed Cash. 

When can I use the Squeezed Cash I earned?

The Squeezed Cash earned  is available to use on your next purchase.

Where do I apply Squeezed Cash?

During the discounts step of the checkout process, you will enter any Squeezed Cash, Coupon Codes, and/or Gift Cards. Coupon Codes and Gift Cards take priority over Squeezed Cash.

Do I have to use my Squeezed Cash?

No. You have the choice to save your Squeezed Cash or only use a portion of your Squeezed Cash when applying them to your order payment. They never expire.

How do I earn the referral bonus?

  1. Register a free account with Squeezed.
  2. Successfully recommend 5 friends to register an account using your email address as a referral and complete their first order. You earn $50 in Squeezed cash.
  3. Keep track of your Squeezed Referrals and redeem Squeezed Cash by logging into your account.

Past Orders and Recurring Orders

Where can I view my previous orders?
Once signed into your Squeezed.com account, go to the account icon in the top right-hand corner and select "Rapid Reorder" from the drop-down menu.
Can I set up a recurring order and how?

If you are in our local delivery area, you can choose to "Make It A Habit" at the Shopping Cart page. You will be able to set the frequency you would like to receive your recurring order here as well.

To check if you are in the local delivery area, click here.

How can I edit or pause my Recurring Order?

Once signed into your Squeezed.com account, go to the account icon in the top right-hand corner and select "Rapid Reorder" from the drop-down menu.

Your Recurring Order will be at the bottom. You will be able to edit the frequency or items as well as pause the Recurring Order by deactivating. You can activate the Recurring Order at any time. Edits must be done 48 hours prior to the selected delivery date.