Rubie Alvarez


thank for my order! Been on vacation for 8 days.. so missed my juices!! See the post …

Jazz Evora


Thank you these yummy drinks! #daysevenofsupersqueezedchallenge See the post …

Tiffany Howard


First time trying a detox, thanks for making it deliciously easy @squeezedonline!! See the post …



#Squeezedreality is that I am half way through 6-Days of a 90% all juice cleanse with Squeezed! Cranked out 26 hill sprints yesterday and the push-up challenge with unyielding energy (My athletes/campers agree). At this point I'm thriving, not just surviving and considering eating less meat on a daily basis. #squeezedonline #squeezedchallenge #activelife #curioustrainer #fittrainer #juicing # See the post …

Cherie Skaggs


Day 6.. Doing better and feeling great! still miss my coffee.. Had to find fun use for my Beer Glasses! Thanks Squeezed for the experience & support! See the post …



It begins.... Day 1 of 3 juice detox 😳🙏 #LetsDoThis #TeamFit #SqueezedOnline @squeezedonline See the post …

Chris Hixson


Day 2...so far so good. Even worked out yesterday. I do miss eating and tasting food but haven't been starving or weak. See the post …



Ekkk I'm starting my 3 day cleanse from @squeezedonline !!! Freshly delivered to our door at 6am, I packed the fridge with the bottles for my hubby and I. Hope we can make it.... #determined #endurance. 😬😕 #imweak #pleasedonttemptmewithfood @jlsea See the post …

Kelli James


Been saying I am going to get healthy. I start, do great, then...not so much. After a few things happened I know now that I need to stop procrastinating and get this done. So, today is day one of a 2 day detox with Squeezed. Looking forward to taking this first step. :) See the post …

Chris Hixson


Here we go. Excited and nervous. Haven't gone 3 days without eating in 43 years See the post …

Mario Agnese


The week has just started... See the post …



This one is actually good and tastes different. They were all starting to taste the same, lol. #somerelief #day3 #almostdone #feelinglighter #squeezedonline See the post …


I just finished a 3 day detox and had a really good experience. The juices were delicious, and I felt good throughout the process. I will definitely buy again and would recommend to all my friends and colleagues.

Amanda Thomas


Pleasure meeting you guys! This stuff is incredible See the post …



one of us likes @squeezedonline lunch on day 2 better than the other! #juicing #getfit #yum #day2 #squeezedonline See the post …



Squeezing in a little work! #juicedetox #squeezedonline @squeezedonline See the post …



Today's main squeeze #juicecleanse #squeezedonline #juicing #bodydetox #squeezemeclean See the post …



This mornings breakfast and juice choices... Tried out a new juice company #squeezedonline for the first time and it was pretty good. I guess it's good when I need juice delivered overnight. #detox #juicecleanse @squeezedonline #healthy #fit #fitness See the post …



the family that juices together, gets healthy together @squeezedonline juice for days! #juicing #squeezedonline #letsdothis #getfit See the post …



Another #squeezedonline detox and a whole family detox at that. See the post …



So I just finished a 4 day juice cleanse with @kayleymiller and @laurenfunk from #squeezedonline. Not the type of thing I ever thought I would do but it actually wasn't bad. I wouldn't have lasted if I had to make them all, so the convenience definitely helped. I feel good, wasn't hungry during the 4 days and now i'm hoping to keep this healthy roll going! I have become obsessed with whole30 insta posts and while I don't want to do the program strictly I'm going to try and use lots Of everyone's food ideas. These were delicious...baby peppers filled with guac. I even turned down sour cream and cheddar ruffles at the swim meet today - that's HUGE :) See the post …



I just got Squeezed! Thanks @massageninja #Squeezed #SqueezedOnline See the post …

Kimberly Bortz


Y'all make beets taste so yum! See the post …


Day 1 of 3 day detox. I ordered mine yesterday they delivered it between 7 and 8am when I asked. Everyone has been helpful.



#squeezedonline two days of this😋 See the post …



Breakfast, lunch, and snack. Packed and ready to go. @squeezedonline I love your juices! #abetterme #coldpressedjuice #localbusiness #squeezedonline See the post …

Micki Brady


Look what arrived on our doorstep by 6am as promised! See the post …

Rafael Gomez


Excited to start my 5 day detox See the post …

Michelle Greenwell


Man, I'm not a fan of beets but I know they are essential to a good healthy diet.. Squeezed has made me fall in love w/ them.. #juicingdetoxdaytwo See the post …



Guys, I just got Squeeeezed by @massageninja! This drink is soooo good!❤️ #squeezed #squeezedonline See the post …



Day one over. Now on to day # two. #squeezedonline See the post …


OMG!!! I never believed in this stuff before. I thought it was hype and mumbo jumbo. Well, let me tell you... I am a believer now with SQUEEZED!!! My very first detox ever ... I chose the 4 DAY Detox. I thought I would die but I didn't. It was actually easy breezy... I think the key is the juices ... they are DELICIUOS. They give you so much juice in one day that you are NEVER hungry. I dropped 8 lbs on the 4 day detox. A lot of my food addictions really did go away. After the detox, I felt so energized and revived. I did not go back to my normal eating habits, started to workout and continued to lose weight. THIS IS THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!

Alexis Mitchell


So thankful to the drivers who brought my detox to me this morning through the rain! Excited to get started! #squeezed #detox See the post …



#detox #day2 #squeezedonline See the post …



Finished my 3 day detox and I feel awesome, now my shoes are falling off my feet!🙆 I am down 5 pounds 👏👍 and I didn't feel hungry one bit. I only missed chewing at times. I have already ordered a 2 day detox for next week! This seems to have reset my brain on my relationship with food. #detox #squeezedonline #juicing #3daydetox #detoxprobs See the post …


This is my second time returning, I lost 7 pounds with the 7 day detox and I loved it. I just recently came back from vacation and of course gained the way back. I am determined to keep it off this time around, the product works is just a matter of sticking to it and exercise, I lost my 7 pounds without exercising so I can only imagine what some exercise will do.



Lunch..2nd and last day of this juice cleanse from Squeezed but I'm halfway thru. 2nd day juices are kinda hard to drink..gotta basically chug it. I am soo hungry and ready to put food in my belly tomorrow haha. So far anyone who wants to detox should go with Squeezed. Very good customer service also. It's good from time to time to just give ur digestive system a break from all the toxins n bacteria in ur gut. I'd do it again..but for me no more than 2 days haha I love food too much. #squeezedonline#juicedetox See the post …



My fresh pressed juice detox just arrived I'm so excited to start tomorrow thank you @squeezedonline you're the best!! #juiced #pressed #squeezedonline #detox #health See the post …

Jacqueline Wells


Thank you, Squeezed Onlone...the juice was GREAT!! See the post …


This is by far the best company to do juice detox with. The customer service displayed at this establishment is world class! The product is also amazing, I feel very energetic and lost 7lbs! I recommend this to everyone that wants to kick start a healthy routine! Thank you very much squeezed!

Candice Bryden


I'm down 9 lbs and still have two days to go. I'm sure it's mostly water weight but still very exciting! I feel amazing! :) See the post …



Thank you so much @squeezedonline for introducing me to such a great product!! It has been such a great supplement to this new fit lifestyle that I am living! Their drinks have taken my fitness levels to never before seen heights!! #fitfam #squeezedonline #nutritious #gains #muscles #workoutwarrior #modeling #itsnevertoolate #bigboysneedlovetoo See the post …



I feel great! ....but after two days of drinking nothing but juice and water...I'm readying for solid food again!! #juicecleanse #squeezedonline 🙊 See the post …


The juice taste excellent and the company has amazing customer service. Will definitely use and recommend this company over and over again! The clense was great - I havent felt this great or have had this much energy in years.



Juice cleanse day 1 of 2! Let's do thisssss.... 😳 #squeezedonline @squeezedonline See the post …

Gilberto Cetina


After seeing all the athletes at the Boston Marathon, I got motivated to get my self healthy and fit. So I ordered a 5 day detox package to get me started off right! It's pretty awesome sauce! See the post …

Kirk Merrikh


Thanks guys, thanks for resolving my delivery issue!, Great Customer Service!!! See the post …


I just finished my first 3 day juice detox. What an experience!! First I'd like to say that I received SUPERB customer service when submitting questions to the Squeezed team. They responded almost immediately each and every time! The juices (to my surprise) were actually really good!! Day 1 was pretty easy! I was in my "honeymoon" stage of the detox. It was new and exciting!! Then...day 2......reality hit. (Stick with me here....) I woke up with a headache and felt like I had the flu!! It was horrible. I contacted the Squeezed team via email with my concerns and their response was super encouraging! They told me that what I was experiencing was normal and actually GOOD! The toxins were leaving my body! This encouraged me to keep on plugging away and it would pass. AND IT DID! Day 3 was super fantastic! I felt great! My energy was up. My mind was clear. I was actually sad that it was going to be my last day juicing. All in all it was a wonderful experience. I lost 11 pounds total in the 3 days!! YES......ELEVEN!! I would definitely like to make this a part of my lifestyle....maybe doing it a few times a year. If I can do this ANYONE can! Don't be afraid! You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of JUNK :) I'm a true believer and am incredibly thankful to everyone at Squeezed!!



Making your kids bacon on the first day of a 48 hour juice fast isn't too bad. I have a feeling tomorrow it will feel a little more like torture. #squeezedonline #juicefast #liverrehab See the post …



On my last day or my juice cleanse... Surrounded by the food I love #mexicanfood but my #squeezedonline is better! This was hard but I lost a few lbs and my skin feels better! See the post …