• Each cleanse bottle is labeled with a number. The number corresponds to the order to drink your juice.

  • A suggested juice cleanse timeline is below:
    1 - Breakfast
    2 - Mid-morning snack
    3 - Lunch
    4 - Mid-afternoon snack
    5 - Dinner
    Cashew Milk - During physical activity, otherwise, whenever you feel you need added substance.

  • The bottles labeled 1, 3, 5 are meant for typical meal times.

  • The bottles labeled 2 or 4 act as in between snacks.

  • Do not wait till you feel hungry to drink the juice. You will stay energized all day as long as you stay ahead of the discomfort. If you notice at any time that your energy is starting to decrease, drink about a quarter of a bottle of juice. Please do not wait too long causing fatigue and hunger.

  • When we say you are going to feel great, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will feel great every second of the cleanse. But afterward, you will feel amazing! It's like working out in that you don't enjoy every second of pushing yourself, but you sure do relish the benefits. So hang in there, and enjoy the many rewards to come!

  • Each bottle of juice contains the condensed nutrients of large quantities of fresh produce. It would take a while to consume the fruits and vegetables in their whole form. Allow the same time to take in the bottles of juice. Sip it slowly. Let your body enjoy it.

  • We encourage you to drink 128oz of water a day. Staying well hydrated helps to cleanse the body and reduce discomforts such as hunger sensations or headaches.

  • Pack your juice the night before so you do not forget anything in the morning.

  • Please review the FAQs if you have not already done so.

Please join the Squeezed Society Facebook Group for guidance and encouragement from others that are also currently on or have previously completed a cleanse.