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Super Squeezed 2

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star star star star star   85

star star star star star Ms
by Sana on 10/16/2022

This juice is delicious. Very delicious and fresh every time.

star star star star star Squeeze Juicing
by Jeremy Tremaine on 10/10/2022

This is a almost a weekly process. I see that it helps me to stay lighter and not as sluggish. I have done the 6-day juice and it was great, but i am just doing maybe the 2 or 3 day for maintaining and to make sure I am consuming enough fruits and vegetables, and this is the way to do it. I have recommended many people to Squeezed. You should try it as well.

star star star star star Super Squeezed #2
by Zu on 08/15/2022

I understand the entire regiment and the taste of it all but this one in particular was so tart! Kind of hard to drink but was able to do it.

star star star star star Sweet and satisfying
by Danielle S. on 07/17/2022

I really like this one! You can taste the spinach, but it's very smooth. Definitely one of my favorites. Possibly my favorite.

star star star star star It's OK
by Sharon GiGi on 06/24/2022

I feel the squeezed is too sweet and the Super Squeezed is too bland. I would like more of a blend or options.

star star star star star Pretty easy to drink
by janelk on 06/01/2022

Squeezed makes it so easy to do a cleanse. This one also tastes good, too. I have had other brands where I have held my nose and chugged it. #2 Super Squeezed is very pleasant. Yes, you do taste the ingredients. They are good for you.... I like that this has fewer calories and less sugar that the regular #2.

star star star star star More I had more I love
by Snow on 04/17/2022

I got hooked to the taste from my second cleanse experience. I guess because of not consuming any dessert during cleanse resets my taste buds.

star star star star star Not bad at all for a veggie drink
by janelk on 03/24/2022

With 100 less calories than the fruit option #2, this one was not bad at all. I definitely reordered this one.... Have an open mind...

star star star star star Very good
by JennB on 03/10/2022

Ive seen a lot of people say that any drinks with dandelions arent good but I think it tastes amazing!

star star star star star It's okay
by Alex N. on 03/07/2022

This one is just okay to me. It's not horrible or anything but it is one of my least favorite. For some reason it just seems to be missing something like maybe some ginger or more lemon or something; I don't know..... Maybe the spicy version might be better, which I haven't tried yet.

star star star star star My favorite!
by Shalet4288 on 03/07/2022

SO refreshing and smooth on the palette, this is by far my favorite juice. You can easily taste all of the distinct ingredients that make up this juice and when they all come together, its like a magical celebration in your mouth!

star star star star star Mrs.
by Julie on 02/22/2022

These juices are so good! #3 is my favorite! My mind and body feel so good after being nourished with Squeezed juices!

star star star star star One of my Favs!!!
by Selikka on 01/23/2022

I absolutely love this juice! I drink it the 1st thing in the morning and it's so refreshing. All of the flavors really compliment each other. Thanks, Squeezed... you've got a customer for life!

star star star star star Nope
by Roc on 01/06/2022

The taste is NOT for me (lol)

star star star star star Definitely a vegetable juice
by E on 11/30/2021

This one is very fresh tasting and clean, but zero sweetness on my palette. It was my second least favorite out of all of them (Super Squeezed 4 being the least favorite). But I will say again (as I have in other reviews) you just KNOW you are doing your body and soul good! Squeezed does an excellent job at being upfront about the difference between the Squeezed Cleanse and the Super Squeezed so make sure you READ the description and go with what you feel you would enjoy better.

star star star star star Better than expected
by TMac02 on 11/07/2021

After reading the ingredients on the bottle I did not have very high expectations for the taste. I was wrong! Loved the taste of all my squeezed bottles :)

star star star star star Change the recipe?
by Juli on 11/06/2021

I do a juice cleanse a couple of times a year and have really liked this product. I am so disappointed this time in many of the juices. One of the spicy ones I swear used to taste just like a margarita and I was so looking forward to that particular juice. Amazingly disappointed in this one and others. Probably won't order again.

star star star star star Med..
by Ann on 11/06/2021


star star star star star
by Mindym1711 on 10/31/2021

I LOVE SUPER SQUEEZED!! i actually crave it!! Even when I'm not on a cleanse, I order it to mix in my daily meals!!

star star star star star Two of Six Not Too Sweet For Me
by Tehani on 10/30/2021

UPDATE: I failed to mention that the two snacks of the day in the Super Cleanse, #2 & #4, are perfect for me because they contain no juice - not sweet at all. Also, I selected the Spicy version and these are the two bottles with added ghost pepper. I love it!

star star star star star Spicy Veggie Too Sweet For Me
by Tehani on 10/30/2021

I'm currently on day 4 of a 7-day cleanse. The product tastes great. I opted for the Super Spicy Cleanse with Cashew Milk. On Days 1 & 2 I was definitely hunger by early evening. On day 2 I blended the Cashew Milk with ice and a spoonful of peanut butter. That really helped with the hunger. I've also replaced the cream in my coffee with the Cashew Milk. Not the same but good. By day 3 it was better. I didn't need the Cashew Milk. Today, Day 4, it's no big deal. I can get through 7 days. However, I chose the Super Spicy because I don't like sweet. I never drink juice or soda because they are way too sweet for me. This "veggie" version still has too much fruit juice for me. I wish it had less juice and more unsweet vegetables (carrot is also very sweet) and maybe use more coconut water. Although I think the product is good, I am definitely feeling the fact that my sugar intake has increased. Unfortunately, I will not be able to re-order unless they come up with a product line with less sugar.

star star star star star More greens, low calories
by juicedwell on 10/17/2021

I've incorporated some of the "Supers" into my day to reduce the amount of calories. These definitely aren't sweet, can taste the different veges, but that's what it is all about!!

star star star star star
by Michele on 10/10/2021

I like greens, so for me this was good.

star star star star star This juice is addictive
by Natalie B. on 10/05/2021

I am addicted to the 3 day super spicy juice cleanse. It is fresh, tastes great, and really helps me to reset my nutrition routine. The juice is easy to drink and enjoy while filling with fresh, clean fuel. I always feel fantastic after my monthly 3-day cleanse. Thank you SQUEEZED!

star star star star star Delicious greens
by Jules on 10/04/2021

Super tasty, even with so many greens. I really enjoyed this!

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 10/01/2021

Definitely a vegetable drink. Good for the mornings to wake you up. This drink is not sweet and adding it to your plan will keep you in line with the reccomend daily intake of sugar. The other drinks have a ton of sugar so I would definitely drink this to balance out your intake.

star star star star star 5 stars
by Kayleigh on 09/30/2021

The perfect pick me up

star star star star star Wanted to give it a try
by Amanda R on 09/22/2021

The Super Squeezed 2 was not one of my favorite of the juices; however, it still wasn't bad. It had a "fresh" taste to it and I will say that in general, these juices have changed my life!! I love them!!

star star star star star Harder to love
by M.Bingham on 09/12/2021

My 12 year old daughter thinks I'm crazy for drinking this. It is a harder one to enjoy but I chose the more vegetable cleanse so unless you are used to eating veggies daily in their raw form this will be a hard one to swallow. It's so healthy and clean for you though. It's worth it.

star star star star star Fresh Raw Real Ingredients
by Michelle B. on 09/12/2021

This is my second 3 day cleanse. It's harder this time around but doable. Harder because I'm in a different spot in life. I don't normally right reviews but Squeezed is the only juice cleanse for me! You get real fresh raw ingredients, no sugary fillers, etc. It is clean and simple. I do this cleanse to detox my body, reset it and reset/refocus my mind. I love that the day is setup for me from #1-#5. Grab-n-go in this busy world! That's what this working Mom needs. That being said, if you've never tried this, maybe try 1 day at first. You may not love it at first but if you don't give up, you may end up having your favorites by the end. You are drinking juice from fruits and vegetables! Clean and simple, every time!

star star star star star
by Mike C on 09/10/2021

I am an electrical construction worker in Boston, MA. As you would expect, our diet is not ideal. On June 29th, my Long Time co worker was diagnosed with Covid, had complications because he was overweight, and then passed away on June 29th. On this day, it really hit home that a change was needed. I have three kids and a wife I would like to be around for for a long time. One of my coworkers told me about squeezed, and how it helped to jump start his weight loss and healthy habits. I have never tried anything like this before but gave it a shot. I initially ordered a two day cleanse, and went with super squeeze veggie. On the second day I ordered one more day because it went so smoothly. I didn't loose that much weight initially, but it helped reset my system and rejuvenate my metabolism. I started running and working out slowly. After one month, I did a three and four day cleanse, running and working out on weekends. In one month I went from 210 pounds to 190 pounds. I went down 4 belt loop holes and I can really tell the difference in how I feel, especially in the morning.
Now I do two day cleanses every other week and eat much less because I am not as hungry.
This changed my life in one month, and hopefully will keep me around for my family.

star star star star star
by Lynda on 09/10/2021

Received the product. No instructions in the box I had to message to see what the process was. Two only made it one day in the cleanse. I only liked one of the juices out of the five. The number one in the number to the beat overpowers everything. I should've read the terms and conditions about refunds. You don't get any unless it's 72 hours within your order order time. So for me the disappointment is having all these bottles that are wasted that I'm not gonna drink I'm just going to have to dump them out. Ordered the product because the radio station I listen to constantly raves about it. If you get a try it do a ONE DAY that's what I recommend unfortunately I did five days an amount of money.

star star star star star Not a fan of this one.
by Angela H. on 08/18/2021

Part of the cleaning package this one I had for 5-days as a mid-afternoon snack and it was the least tasty. It's very bland. I got through it. I am switching this one out on my next rotation for another #2 , Squeezed juice on the next go around.

star star star star star
by Palmira on 08/10/2021

I wouldn't recommended , I had issues with the product and the customer services just saying for me to send pictures of the product, I asked for reimbursements and never received any email back. Poor poor customer services and some of my bottles had holes it in as well.

star star star star star
by glenda on 07/16/2021

This product is mostly tasteless, thin and gave me severe abdominal pain and other related side effects that has kept me mostly in the restroom for the first 2 1/2 days. I had to stop the cleanse and when I wrote to them to ask for a refund, they refused and didn't even offer a partial refund for the product I was unable to consume. They responded to emails with claiming these are known side effects and therefore they would not accommodate my requests. I know there are other cleanses out there that have better tasting products (ie Pressed) and I will not use this one ever again. so unkind that they wouldn't even suggest a partial refund as this was very expensive. Lesson Learned.

star star star star star
by glenda on 07/16/2021

star star star star star Veggies Juice
by Lalin on 06/29/2021

This juice is taste less and very thin in flavor. At first, it was very hard to drink it. It kept me fuller though.

star star star star star Nourishing & So Tasteful!
by Ashley Sorrells on 06/28/2021

The BEST juice you will ever have ! If you are serious about a juice cleanse or a quick gut detox then look no further ! These juices taste great and you see results by day 1, not kidding! My husband and I did the 5day cleanse and loved it. Now we order 2-3 day cleanses just to keep digestion regular and it leaves us feeling amazing and we sleep so good as well. We Love Squeezed !

star star star star star Hated it!
by Tracy M on 06/27/2021

I did NOT like this flavor. In fact I almost threw it up. I will A-La-Cart before I will allow this flavor in my home again.

star star star star star Not the best
by Julie on 06/23/2021

This is my least favorite. It tastes too earthy for me and I just don't think the watermelon goes well in it either

star star star star star Green for the win!
by Nicole W on 06/20/2021

I'm a huge greens fan and this one did not disappoint.

star star star star star Interesting
by Anonymous on 06/15/2021

The initial taste is not great but as you continue drinking it the lemon really comes through.

star star star star star Not too bad
by Haley on 06/10/2021

This juice was on the more earthy side of the taste scale. It's not bad, just requires more of an acquired taste. I felt that this juice helps to curb my cravings for a snack after breakfast.

star star star star star Great snack
by Trinity on 06/07/2021

I loved having the "snack" juice, it helped make sure that I stayed full! And this flavor wasn't bad! Much better than the first one of this cleanse!

star star star star star Bad experience
by Bad experience on 06/06/2021

Juicing made me violently ill and had to stop after day 1. Poor customer service because they would not even consider a partial refund. I would feel better if they stood by their product and realize I had a bad reaction or something. But Squeeze was a disappointment

star star star star star Sweet taste
by Ana on 05/24/2021

Really good, I was expecting it not to be as sweet but tastes really good. It really does helps with the anxiety of eating solids.

star star star star star
by Nicole L. on 05/24/2021

Has a tougher after taste but still easy to drink.

star star star star star Not my favorite
by Christina Jupiter on 04/25/2021

Just not as pleasing to my pallet. I thinks it's the dandelion that is too forward.

star star star star star just okay
by Anonymous on 04/19/2021

Compared to Raw Generation this is not as good. I ordered a 5 day cleanse and by day 4 the juice seemed to have gone bad. It was delivered with 2 ice packs (both thawed) and some of the juice was barely cold. Not worth the money when I had to throw out 8 bottles of juice. I would not recommend this product.

star star star star star Delish
by Kyna on 04/18/2021

Super yummy and perfect snack !!!

star star star star star Lemony
by Anonymous on 04/14/2021

The cucumber and lemon are all that you taste. This one was super refreshing

star star star star star New to squeezed
by Cheryl on 04/13/2021

Pretty good. Definitely more veggie tasting

star star star star star Good stuff
by Scottyrasp on 04/12/2021

The dandelion threw me off but it's actually pretty dang delicious!

star star star star star Love it
by Kelsey D on 04/07/2021

I love this line!! I did the original squeezed last month and it was amazing but very sweet. I'm so happy this cleanse I decided to do the super cleanse because it's just the right balance of fruits and veggies for me! Thank you Squeezed you guys rock!

star star star star star Misleading Website
by Annoyed on 04/06/2021

The website and radio commercials say order by 1pm get by 9pm with an asterisk on the website. Cannot find what the asterisk means - very misleading. I wanted to try the the three day cleanse before a trip on Friday. I ordered Monday but now it says it won't get here until Wednesday. Trying to cancel the order but no phone number provided. I haven't even gotten the product and I already have a bad taste.

star star star star star
by Barbara H on 03/29/2021

I am totally disappointed in this product. The advertising is misleading. The juice came FROZEN. It is not fresh. This made the taste really bad. Upon contacting the company they stated the do not do refunds. Buyer beware and think long and hard before wasting your money to purchase.

star star star star star I am melting....
by Andrea Trippi, IL on 03/04/2021

With each sip of the SuperSqueezed Juice cleanse, I literally feel as if I am starting to melt.... melt that nasty bloat and that crabby fat right off my body. My skin, hair, clothes and not-so-ugly number on the scale shows it. There's no fuel like

star star star star star I would give zero stars if I could
by JB on 03/01/2021

Received the product prior to going out of town - 4 bottles were leaky and missing all the cashew milk....

Contacted customer service to see about a refund due to not being able to complete the cleanse in full, they informed me that they could only give me a credit, I am not going to be a regular customer, so I asked again for a refund. After 12 rounds of emails I finally got a refund for 4 bottles, and the cashew milk... but still can complete the cleanse, seems fair to the customer right...

star star star star star Amazing
by Tabitha on 02/24/2021

I love these juices. I have never had a bad experience. Most juices out there are full of added sugar. Not these, and they taste amazing. I try to do a few days of juicing each month to keep healthy lifestyle.

star star star star star
by CKrause on 02/11/2021

Not my favorite but still good. Too many lemons for me. I was surprised to see 7g of sugar - that's a lot of lemon

star star star star star Excellent Phytonutrients
by Nicki C on 01/17/2021

So let's be honest. We have to realize in a juice cleanse it can't be all fruit based juices. We have to get our veg in there to get the proper nutrients during a cleanse. Welcome to Super Squeeze #2. This juice is so good for your body on so many levels. It's probably not going to be your favorite taste wise but it will be your favorite that your body has been craving.

star star star star star Cucumbers!!
by 1st Time Cleanse on 11/09/2020

This drink was not my favorite however the benefits of it I care about. It very strong in the cucumber taste so if you are new to juicing or meal replacing with the juice ease into this juice and have an open mind.

star star star star star Love the juices!
by Paulette Ladebauche on 10/24/2020

I love this juice not sweet, Think this program is great! Just finished the 7 days cleanse and 2 more 7 days cleanse, one for me and the other for my adult duaghter! This was a great way for me to get back to a lifestyle that I love, juicing and nourishing my body!

star star star star star So good!
by Raychel on 10/18/2020

I really liked this green juice, it kept me from feeling like I was starving and over the mid morning hump. Definitely would reorder !

star star star star star Awful.....
by Dawn on 09/30/2020

If I could give this one zero stars I would. I was lucky to drink it and it's only day one. 2 more of these to go :(

star star star star star The struggle of this juice
by Anonymous on 09/28/2020

I would not recommend this juice to anyone! I was very excited when I started it as I have heard how great it makes you feel and how good you sleep. I have felt like I was going to throw up all week. The flavors of the juice are horrible! You get to a point in the week where you feel you have no energy, and can't drink anymore.

star star star star star Hello Yummy Greens!
by Megan Rons on 09/22/2020

This is the BEST green juice I've ever had! I've tried other juice cleanses and was so disgusted by the greens. What I like best is that it's an actual juice! Goes down smooth unlike others that are chunky and taste like grass.

star star star star star Delicious Green Juice?!
by sbcaliendo on 09/02/2020

At first I was dreading the green juice, as every one that I have ever had in the past was thick and not good at all. I was so surprised at the flavor of this one - light and flavorful. Will order again!

star star star star star
by Barbara on 08/23/2020

Have already ordered twice, and this juice is my favorite. Also, love the cashew milk especially when I'm craving a sweet. Can't wait to order more.

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 08/21/2020

It was my favorite after the cashew milk. The tayste it great if you trying to stay away from sugar witch it's my case.

star star star star star Deliciously blended and smooth
by Beth on 08/17/2020

I have been making my own juices for over a year and I can never achieve the smooth quality of these. The flavors blend well together and none seem too over-powering. Two thumbs up!

star star star star star My least favorite, but still very drinkable.
by Traci on 08/16/2020

The celery and lemon are most dominate in this juice. When I say it's my least favorite, I'm not saying it's bad.. I just know I will like the spicy version of this.. which I will review later!! Trying in a few hours

star star star star star Delicious
by CarrieZB on 07/14/2020

This was delicious, very tasty.

star star star star star
by AReyna on 07/05/2020

star star star star star Needs Some Sweetness
by Rikki S. on 06/29/2020

I am not a fan of the cucumber in this one. I feel it needs a tad bit of something sweeter instead. I know it's supposed to be all veggies, but maybe switch out the cucumber to apple? It would give it a hint of sweet. If only veggies.. then maybe add some more lemon and a bit of lime? It's still decent, but I think that small adjustment would improve it for sure!

star star star star star My Least Favorite
by Fee on 06/07/2020

Way too hot and bitter with the Jalapenos and celery

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 06/05/2020

star star star star star Exchange
by Tina S. on 05/23/2020

If you could exchange apple for cucumber it would be perfect!

star star star star star Delicious
by Yazzy on 05/17/2020

Another one of the flavor I love it's so refreshing and delicious

star star star star star Not for me
by Amy on 05/13/2020

I liked everything in the juice except dandelion. I should've stayed away. I found the flavor offensive. If you like dandelion then this is the drink for you!

star star star star star Will definitely order again
by Amanda Gary on 05/03/2020

This juice was better than I thought it would be. It was just the boost I needed during the cleanse.

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 03/05/2020

star star star star star Not my favorite but good
by PTREJO on 02/28/2020

Does not have as much flavor as expected

star star star star star
by Anonymous on 02/17/2020

star star star star star Differnty-Gotta try
by Erica D on 01/06/2020

I thought dandelions. Is that safe. lol. It wasn't bad and I'm picky. TRY IT!